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  • Alarm.com System Enhancement Module

    Security Enhancement Module Quick Start Guide:

    Panel Compatibility:

    Enable Keypad Address: (Must Know Panels Current Installer Code)

    If Necessary Change Dip Switches to Re-Address SEM:

    Power Down Existing Panel:

    Mount Security Enhancement Module: (Do Not Put in Bad Cell Coverage Areas)

    Powering The Security Enhancement Module:


    Powering Back up The Panel:


    Once the Above is Complete Notify US 1-877-661-8941 or admin@buy2gig.com or your Alarm.com Service Provider for the NEW MASTER SECURITY CODE THAT NEEDS TO ENTERED INTO YOUR SYSTEM

    Last Step:

    Enter the User Codes online from your alarm.com account

    Below are a few tips to keep in mind while setting up a Z-Wave network for SEM accounts:

    Before adding devices to the network, make sure to put the devices in their final locations. This way, the network can correctly identify the strongest communication pathway for each device.

    Always add devices closest to the panel first, and work outwards from there. Devices that have already been added can relay the panel’s ”Add Mode” signal to add farther devices to the network.

    Make sure each device adds successfully before moving on to the next device. The panel (L2 goes solid),will indicate that a device has been added to the network. Once added it will show on alarm.com if you have a Service Plan that includes those Devices

    1. Locate the Alarm.com Security Enhancement Module.
    2. Press and hold the red button on the module for 5-10 seconds, releasing when the L2 LED flashes in groups of four.
    3, Trigger a device to add it to the network.
    4. When a device is added successfully, the L2 LED will go solid.
    5. You will need to re-enter Add Mode before triggering the next device.

    Devices should show up on the Alarm.com Customer Website, Alarm.com App within five minutes of adding the devices.

    If you have any questions please call our support line at 1-877-661-8941
    To Purchase a Security Enhancement Module or Learn More Click Here

    For Professional Installation We Service the Following Areas:

    Rochester NY
    Richmond VA
    Buffalo NY
    Winston Salem NC
    Long Island NY
    Utica NY
    Albany NY
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