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    We have just been informed that the long awaited release of the GC3 is here,The GC3 Panel with the full 7" Touchscreen, and 100 Zones of Security, up to 4 partitions with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will start shipping in NOVEMBER , Our pricing will be approx $100 more then the GC2, there will also be a full 7" auxiliary touchscreen coming out shortly after (TS'1 will not work with the GC3), You will need to purchase a Cell module for it is not interchangeable with the GC2 cell module.

    Read all about features Here: http://www.sdmmag.com/articles/91203...mart-home-wave

    If you would like to pre-order one and be put on our VIP priority list e-mail admin@buy2gig.com and you will get special introductory pricing
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