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    Our Choice For Alarm Monitoring Is Security Partners Central Station For Many Reasons I believe they are the Best Central Station for My Customers.

    1. All the important listings that are needed including the 5 Diamond Certification, UL Listed,and being FM Approved
    2. True Redundancy Across their 4 Locations PA,CA,TX and their Newest In Las Vegas, Which I Toured while at ISC West Last Week.
    3. The Training And Education Is Second to None, And All Employees Wear Uniforms which is Very Impressive
    4. Management and IT Staff for Every Location are Very Knowledgeable and Very Responsive
    5. Alarm.com Experts Especially with 2-Way Voice

    These are just a few reasons we have chose to go with Security Partners Central you can visit their website to learn more here: http://www.securitypartners.com/

    During my Tour Last Week of the New Las Vegas Location, I saw first hand what a well run organization they are with the Security Around the premise starting at the Front Door and in the Lobby with Full Man Trap and Bio Metric Access Control at All the Interior Doors, the Training I observed that was going on and the live operations, I am thoroughly Impressed of the Job they do. They Meet and Exceed Every Standard required and I sleep better at night knowing my DIY Customers are Monitored by Security Partners Central Station

    Please Consider Us for your Alarm.com Plans http://buy2gig.com/Interactive-Plans.html Starting at $13.99 and all your 2GIG Equipment, and ask me how I can help you save Money from what you paying from your current provider


    Mike and The Team at http://buy2gig.com
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